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Welcome to our new website

We are thrilled to announce our brand new website. Thanks to the success of our Facebook page, we have taken the plunge.

Having handled enquiries to purchase, and confirmed sales of images and products over the festive season, we decided it was high time we provided a place where our loyal fans can follow and learn more about our passion.

Our love of Africa has resulted in some incredible images. And living in Scotland’s Cairngorm National Park, it’s fair to say our wildlife here is pretty photogenic too. Then, because photography is an art form, we have also been busy creating images which are just a little outside your usual snapshot. Think high key, low key, intentional camera movement and lens bursts. There are no rules – and the effect is something you would be proud to display on your wall. Be it at home, in the office or even on a much larger scale in hospitality.

As you browse our pages we hope you will find something to tempt you.

And because Marie loves to write, you can expect a blog to appear on the horizon very soon too.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy browsing our new website. And why not catch up with Marie’s recent successful article in Travel Africa Magazine which was published at the end of last year.

introducing a brand new website from a published author on travel and photography

To keep up to date with our latest camera fun you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Or keep a look out for our latest blog.

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