Profits for Projects

It’s never been more important to understand and safeguard our environment. Whether it’s the landscapes that make up our planet, or the wildlife that inhabits them. So much hangs on the relationship between people and nature. Even small actions can make big changes towards helping conserve those subjects and spaces we love. Protecting them – so our future generations can enjoy them too, and not just read about something that was lost a long time ago.

That is why we have chosen two initiatives that put people and the environment at the heart of everything they do. Helping people of all ages to be inspired by nature and wildlife. Supporting them to gain skills which help them to grow.

If you too want to help us support these incredible projects, then why not make your next purchase one that contributes to our PROFITS FOR PROJECTS. To discover just how much of your purchase we donate, check out our product pages under Shop Products.

Meanwhile, you can read more about the two causes which will benefit from your purchases, this year.

Our projects

Scotland, UK:

Wild Things logo lettering on a white background

Wild Things is an award winning environmental education charity based in Findhorn, on the magnificent Moray Firth, in Scotland.

Their programmes encourage a mutually beneficial relationship between individuals and nature.  Offering opportunities for all age groups – from nursery age children to older adults – to understand, appreciate and care for the natural environment.  At the same time they gain new skills, confidence, and interests.

Wild Things also work with other organisations, providing provide extra support for young people considered ‘at risk’, struggling within mainstream education and with vulnerable and older adults.

Working in Moray, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, since 2003, they have enabled over 13,000 children, young people and adults to learn from and be inspired by their local natural environment. 

Visit their website for more information at


Wild Shots Outreach logo blue on white background

Wild Shots Outreach is a Not-For-Profit organisation based in South Africa. Their award-winning environmental educational programme enables young people from disadvantaged communities to access wild places and experience the wildlife for themselves.

Through the beauty and power of photography, it teaches new skills to high school students and the young unemployed. The aim is to help them gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the environment, conservation and wildlife tourism – and so inspire them to make better career choices and become our wildlife and habitat guardians of the future.

To learn more, or even to donate directly, go to the Wild Shots Outreach website where you will find a fuller explanation of the programme – as well as some of the stories of those it has benefitted.